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Why Choose T-Roys Relief Roofing?

T-Roys Relief Roofing proudly uses GAF roofing products.

GAF is North America's largest* roofing manufacturer, with over 125 years of expertise in helping property owners and managers make their best and safest roofing choices. GAF products can deliver on any customized solutions.

T-Roys Relief Roofing stands behind GAF roofing products, you can count on consistency and the highest quality the industry has to offer.

T-Roys Relief Roofing offers:

  • Multiple roofing technologies and solutions for both steep and low slopes
  • Lifetime Warranties
  • A comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Job site inspections conducted by experienced inspectors
  • Economical roofing and repair solutions

Don't trust the integrity of your home and roofing system to amateurs and shoddy workmanship.

Trust your most valuable asset to T-Roys Relief Roofing

Our Preferred Shingles Are Weather Tested!

Extreme Weather Tested

Extreme Shingle Testing

Brought to you by . . .
. . . T-Roys Relief Roofing

This video gives you the inside scoop on how GAF shingles are weather tested.

T-Roys Relief Roofing makes sure to use the best materials to protect your biggest asset - your home.

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